We are adults, teenagers and seniors; we are white, black, brown, yellow and even a little pink; we are entrepreneurs, employees, self-employed, students and civil servants; we are rich, poor, middle class; we are men and women.


And we care about the direction of our country. We believe that a government should serve to unite its people, not create artificial divisions. It must treat people like citizens, not subjects or throwaway pieces of a board game to be manipulated.

We fight and support Brazil regardless of the government. No matter the helmsman’s color or initials, we’re all in the same boat. But WE DEMAND CHANGES. No more corruption, no more impunity. Enough of disrespect for democratic institutions and the rule of law.


FREE AND INDEPENDENT PRESS , without government funds or regulations that influence their positions;

ECONOMIC FREEDOM , a market free from abusive regulations and crippling taxes;

SEPARATION OF POWERS , independent institutions, free from the suffocating interference of totalitarian parties;

FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS , a transparent electoral process and free party coercion;

END OF RIGHT AND INDIRECT SUBSIDIES TO DICTATORSHIPS , taxes collected from the Brazilian people must be invested in Brazil.